From 1982 - 1990

In 1982 wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Western Canada was almost non-existent. Centre founders Wendy Slaytor and Colin Weir approached the Province of Alberta’s Fish & Wildlife Division with an offer to start Alberta’s first volunteer wildlife rescue facility.  

At that time, there were no government provisions for private individuals to possess wildlife, even for the purposes of rehabilitation.  Thankfully, a very supportive MLA, the Hon. Bob Bogle worked with then Fish & Wildlife Minister Don Sparrow, to grant "special ministerial permission" for Wendy and Colin to start their back yard volunteer wildlife rescue facility, the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation.

From 1984, at their own expense and with the help of many friends and volunteers, Wendy and Colin started rehabilitating what would grow to be thousands of injured birds from across Southern Alberta. They also began using injured and non-releasable birds for public environmental learning programs in schools, and at provincial and national parks.

In 1989 construction started on the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre on a reclaimed wetland site that would soon be open to the public.