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Rescue Stories

Fast Action Rescues Owlet from Cold

Great Horned Owls are known to nest in a variety of locations, including open buildings.  This spring an owl family nested on top of hay bales stacked over 50 feet high in a local warehouse owned by Green Prairie International.  An employee called us one morning after discovering an orphaned baby owlet (only a few days old) and an unhatched egg that had fallen to the ground. 

When we arrived on scene, the baby owl was cold and its life fading. We felt it had little chance of survival.  Since we were still in late winter and without a mobile incubator, as a last resort, our only option was to put the frozen owl on the dashboard of our vehicle so it could benefit from the heat of the windshield defroster.  

To our amazement, as the little owl warmed up, it very slowly started to show signs of life with a few minute movements.   Within a few hours, the owlet started to make peeping sounds and call for food like all hungry babies do.  Although the one egg did not hatch, we were able to successfully raise this owlet and see it fly free back to the wild later in the summer. 

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