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FortisAlberta Flying Field Takes Shape

Working around what seemed endless rain, we made great progress with construction of our new FortisAlberta Flying field this summer.

Due to the large scale of this project a local contractor was brought in to excavate and remove our old wooden plank seating area and professionally install a new paving stone amphitheatre. Once the major construction work was complete our volunteers went to work on the balance of the project. Underground irrigation zones were installed, new sod was put down, pathways were installed and new benches were welded, assembled and stained.

The most exciting part of the project is a demonstration power line installed by FortisAlberta linemen. Three power poles illustrate typical hardware FortisAlberta customers would see at their home, farm or business and more importantly feature special attachments used by FortisAlberta to prevent birds being injured from possible power line contact. In an effort to keep birds off their lines and help some species FortisAlberta also installs alternate nesting poles for Osprey’ to nest. An Osprey nesting pole is part of this our project too.

Taking these steps is and an important win-win scenario for FortisAlberta. It keeps the birds safe while at the same time prevents power disruptions for the public it serves.

This informative display is incorporated into all our daily flying programs and is receiving great feedback from our visitors. It showcases what FortisAlberta is doing to help the environment and is a superb display to educate children about power line safety. Special thanks to FortisAlberta for making this innovative project possible.

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