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Introducing Sierra & Spirit

In 2007 we received, a Golden Eagle that had been shot and blinded. Since it was impossible to restore eagle’s vision he would never be able to return to the wild. Despite the costs and challenges of caring for this unfortunate bird, we decided to do our best to save his life and we named him Spirit. Caring for Spirit is quite time consuming and costly so donations to support him are needed and appreciated.

One of the reasons we decided to build our centre was to inspire the minds of young people about nature and the positive difference they can make in the world. In the fall of 2008 we happened to meet one exceptional young person, Sierra Tanner, age 8 from Banff.

After meeting Spirit during one of our appearances, Sierra made it her personal mission to help him, and our wildlife rescue efforts. In the past few weeks Sierra started a fundraising drive, organizing her friends at Banff Elementary School to earn donations. We will have an update on Sierra’s efforts to help Spirit as they happen. THANK YOU Sierra !

To support Spirit by making a donation, click here.

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Spirit is a very special eagle and perhaps sharing his story can help save the lives of other eagles and birds of prey in the wild.
The Story of Spirit
Introducing Sierra & Spirit
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